Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It seems to be the norm these days that my good intentions of keeping a blog just sort of fall by the wayside. This of course is not at all what I had intended. I originally was going to start blogging every day or so once the baby was born so I could keep a record of her progress and developement. Well, here she is....two months old and this is the first I have blogged about her. Man.....being a mommy is such hard work! It's exhausting too! Since she was born on September 7th, 2008 our lives have not been the same. Much of the time we feel so tired and frustrated and yet incredibley blessed at the same time that God brought such a sweet and beautiful angel into our lives to love forever and ever.

I did post this on another site a couple of weeks ago:

First honest-to-goodness smile! 10/14/08

Today, in the still quiet of the early morning hours I shared a beautiful moment with my five-week-old daughter. After her diaper change and before her bottle I sat here at my computer with her....holding her as she sat on the desk in front of me. As I told her how much I loved her and what an amazingly pretty baby she was she broke out with a huge grin for me from ear to ear. I know many people might argue the fact and say that she just had gas but I know that it was an honest-to-goodness smile for her Momma. Not only did that smile light her little angel face up like a Christmas tree once, but she did it twice in a row and I swear if she were capable of laughing she definitely would have. In that moment my eyes welled up with tears and made every single sleep-deprived hour I've had over the last five weeks suddenly and completely "worth it".

Of course now Skylar is throwing smiles our way all the time and still my heart does flip-flops when she does. Today was her very first Halloween and Momma got her all dressed up in her kitty cat outfit and put her black "BOO" hat on. She looked absolutely adorable I think! Next year we may take her Trick-Or-Treating....not for the candy but just to show her off to everyone. We were supposed to go to Kathy and Frank's Halloween party tonight and we did show up early before Robert went to work (like Kathy told him to) and she was nowhere near ready and asked us to come back . Well, after we came home and she had her bottle and I got a chance to sit down for a while I decided that my little Peanut and I would have a quiet evening at home together instead.

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