Thursday, November 6, 2008

How in the world is it physically possible?

Can someone please tell me how a tiny baby has enough force in her tail pipe to shoot poop from her heiny-hole to her shoulders? Seriously! Is there an unseen little tube that comes out, points upward and just sprays all over the place like the jets at a car wash? When a baby is laying ON HER BACK and she has one of those nuclear fall-out poops does it seem possible for it to shoot up and over her bajingo, out the top of the diaper, whoosh over her belly button and spray her fat little baby boobies? You wouldn't think so but I swear, these are the type of poops my daughter has! And I can't believe that I am sitting here blogging about baby poops! Don't get me wrong.....I am extremely happy with my new life as a mother....over-joyed in fact. But I'm afraid if I don't make some "new mommy" friends that I can relate to soon I fear I may chase all my old ones away. They've all been there and done that and to them all the poopy diaper (and other) stories are just a memory while for me, this is the new world I live in.

I was thinking today at work (during that last hour stretch when I'm watching the clock) how much my life has changed. I never thought that the love of my life would be short, fat and bald. Well, at least she is for now anyway. I watch her change a little bit more every day and it makes me sad because I know she's going to grow up way too soon. Already she perks up and listens to me and turns toward me when she hears my voice. I get at least two or three smiles from her a day and she's almost holding her little bobble-head up all the time now. Before I know it she'll be begging for the keys to the car so she can meet her friends at the mall to shop and talk about boys. ::: sigh ::: Her daddy and I will be big basket-cases by then I'm sure.

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