Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

I can't believe that 2010 is here. What happened to 2009? The year went by so fast. There were so many things that I had good intentions of doing last year. I wanted to start scrapbooking Skylar's first year, clean out and organize the garage, clean out and organize all my craft stuff, go through what's left of my mother's things in our closets. I wanted to clean my house more, dust and vacuum every other day, blog more, correspond with friends and family more and get some much needed yard work done. Well, I can sadly say that I didn't do ANY of that.

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions because many people actually keep them? Except for my friend GO girl! It's awesome what you achieved this past year! Anyway, I resolve this year to be more productive and accomplish more. I'm going to work on taking better care of myself, getting our finances in order and getting closer to God (cuz that's always an awesome thing to do!)

We had a very nice Christmas this year. After I got home from work on the 23rd of December we packed up the car and headed out for an almost four-hour drive to Aunt Sharon's in Alabama. I called the week before to ask if Bobbie would like to come and spend Christmas with us and she said "YES"!!! I feel bad that Bobbie couldn't spend the holidays with Amanda so I wanted her to be able to spend Christmas with her granddaughter. We arrived in Clanton around 11:30pm and checked into the Best Western that we stayed at when we were there in November for Thanksgiving. We watched a little television, Skylar had her ni-night bottle and we all went to bed. The next morning we went and picked up Bobbie and headed back to Georgia. We stopped for lunch at O'Charley's on the way home and did a bit of last minute shopping at Wal Mart too. When we got home Robert made cookies for Santa (himself) and then he put Skylar's little table and chairs together for Santa to leave for her. Grandma rocked Skylar to sleep, we arranged the presents under the tree and then were off to bed. Christmas morning Robert's parents arrived with Sarah and Rose just in time to watch us open presents. Skylar opened ONE present and got pre-occupied with a silver bow and didn't want anything to do with her gifts until we unwrapped them and took all the toys OUT of the boxes. That's no small task these days either! I swear toy manufaturers don't want you to take the toys out of the boxes with the way they cable and wire tie them to the boxes and cardboard inserts. Once my child saw the toys and knew they lit up and made noise I couldn't de-package the darn things fast enough!

The girl's played together while I worked on dinner: spiral cut ham, potato casserole, corn casserole, sweet potato casserole, green beans and a cherry dump cake. It was very delicious and the girls loved it too. Sometimes I think Sarah at 9-months-old is a much better eater than Skylar. It makes me feel like I am starving my daughter but I can't force her to eat. Besides....I don't want her to eat if she's not hungry because I don't want her growing up with a weight problem like her daddy and me. Since she has been walking for the last month I can tell she is starting to slim out a little bit but her appetite hasn't really increased any.

Robert's sister, Regina and the two girls officialy moved in with us last night when Regina arrived with the U-Haul truck from Florida. I have them set up in the small guest room downstairs but because it's so drafty in there I am going to work on getting my craft room packed up so I can switch the two rooms so they'll be warmer. Plus there will be a teeny bit more space for them in my current craft room. This weekend I'm hoping to introduce Rose to a few kids in the neighborhood that she'll be going to school with on Tuesday like the boy who lives across the street and a couple of girls that Tina knows. I'm hoping that she'll make lots of friends up here and that they will be positive influences on her.

So, that's about it for now folks. Hope everyone has a BETTER 2010!