Monday, December 21, 2009

Early Christmas at Grammy & Grandpa's

Wow, I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone by. This December 25th will mark Skylar's 2nd Christmas. This year will be her first "fun" Christmas though. Last year she didn't really "do" anything except lay there under the Christmas tree (where I posed her chubby butt for pictures) and look adorable. We did get her that galloping horse thingie last year for Christmas that she spent a lot of time in. Beyond that she really didn't play with any of her toys until this past year.

So, the Saturday before Christmas Skylar and I decided to drive up to Grammy and Grandpa's house in Blairsville to take Rosie and Sarah's gifts to them. Regina and the girls are "officially" moving to Georgia right after Christmas and I could have waited until then to give them their gifts but I didn't want them to have to wait so my Poot and I dropped Daddy off at work at 11:00am and headed north for a 2-hour drive. What happened an hour and fifteen minutes into our trip was TOTALLY my fault. Because I didn't have the dogs with me (Jordan gets carsick - plus my dogs aren't welcome at the in-laws house anymore thanks to Bailey) I decided that I wouldn't have to take the mountain roads with ease. Boy was I wrong. Skylar and I were making really good time and were about 20 minutes or so ahead of our estimated arrival time. Just before we got to DeSoto Falls I heard her gagging in the back seat. When I adjusted the rearview mirror so I could see her I saw the entire contents of her stomach pouring from her mouth all down the front of her. It looked like someone had dumped a tub of cottage cheese all over her. It was so nasty. I pulled into the DeSoto Falls parking lot and got out and "tried" to clean her up. I got her out of the car seat and set her on the back seat after I stripped her clothes off, right down to the diaper. The wind was whipping real hard and it was snowing. She was crying because she was wet, smelly, naked and cold. After I got her cleaned up as best as I could I put some more warm clothes on her and went about tackling the car seat. After I used half a package of baby wipes on it I sat her on a Wal Mart bag, buckled her in and away we went. I was gagging the rest of the way to Mom & Dad's in the warm car because of the awful smell. When I got there no one was home. Apparently Dad thought they would have time to run out for a while before I got there so Pootie and I went and hung out at the local Wal Mart and did a little Christmas shopping.

After we got back to Grammy and Grandpa's house we had Christmas with the girls. They opened their gifts and we opened ours. Anything that was for Robert and I stayed unopened until I got home and he could be there. It was a lot of fun watching Skylar and Sarah interact with one another and play with each other's toys. Mom and Dad are keeping the girls while Regina goes back to Florida for another week so they will be down on Christmas Day for dinner so more play time for the babies then!!!!

Momma's poor girl covered in her own throw up. I know, it's a nasty picture but I have to keep you all informed.

Aunt Cyndie, does this dodie make my nose look big?

These two girls are addicted to their pacifiers. Skylar I think more than Sarah. We're going to have a hard time breaking her of it I am afraid.

Rosie in her new snuggie and Skylar sporting her new dodie.! You're it!!!

Granpa had the job of putting Sarah's new wheels together. Skylar has one too. I can't wait until they are big enough to ride them at the same time.