Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A nice day outside

Our best friends Tara and Roger came over for an early spring cookout. It was so nice that we sat out in the yard pushing Crabby Patty in her swing.

Me and Tara are president and vice president of the Chubb Club. Um....Robert, you need to re-bag those leaves along the fence!

Bailey - the shaggy doggy doodle. This was taken just a few days prior to his day at the doggy salon.

Baby Kat looking down at us from the bedroom window. She looks down on us no matter where she is. She is very snobby and thinks we are all beneath her.

Robert posing in the grass with two of his boys. Bailey was off towards the fence somewheres barking at the Kodies.

Momma and the bald baby-doodle. She loves being outside and watching the birds and the squirrels and the dogs running around. We can't wait until it gets warmer so she can spend more time outside. Staying in the house all winter gave us all a bit of cabin fever.

Robert decided it was finally time to weed his garden. You probably can't tell but he's got his tongue stuck out. It actually helps with the weed-pulling.

It's all done. Later this summer we are hoping to have an abundance of string beans, yellow squash, zuchini, cucumbers and tomatoes. Last year the cucumbers took over the whole garden and we ended up having to give a bunch away because we couldn't eat them fast enough.


Rick said...

I'm so happy for the warmer weather too. The wire fence around the garden is sure to keep.... well, nothing out.

Victoria said...

lol@ robert's tongue stuck out helping with weed pulling. lmao! =)

Victoria said...

So, I'm thinking about starting a blog on here. I wanna get back into blogging. I don't know anything about this site, though. Is it good?