Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day 2009!

Would you believe it? We finally got our first real snow this winter on March 1st. I thought the possibility of the fluffy cold white stuff was long gone for this year. For a good two months I frequently checked weather.com to see if there was a possibilty of snow and surprisingly a lot of times it did show flurries in the forcast but naturally within hours that changed. When I finally stopped following the weather for a couple of weeks the snow decided to fall. And it didn't come down in flurries....it was actually what would be considered a snow "shower". That morning it started out as rain as it had been raining for three days straight. By noon it had turned to heavy snow - after three hours the rain started mixing back in and within an hour we were back to just a steady drizzle. That melted some of the snow but ultimately served to pack down what was there and just glaze over it creating 2-3 inch slabs of ice. When I went out to my car the next morning I had to yank and pull to pry the car door open as it was encased in ice. Three days later most of it has melted but driving around town you can still see the evidence under bushes and other shadey areas. They completely shut down school up here on Monday so traffic was lighter on my way into work. It was lighter but it didn't move any faster because there was black ice all over the road. This ice is very dangerous as it takes on the appearance of the road underneath. The advantage I had was that it was an exceptionally sunny morning and it made the ice super-shiney so I was able to see it ahead of me and slow down. It makes me feel bad for the relatives that still live in upstate New York. We wouldn't know what to do down here if we had to shovel snow. Okay....that's my rant on our snow day for this year!

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