Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yes, I know this is long overdue....

I've actually been staring at this blank "new blog post" screen for the last four hours....trying to decide how I was going to start out my latest blog that is about a month or more overdue. It seems lately that every time I have something halfway decent or important to write about, I just can't find the energy to sit down and blog it out. I know....sitting down at the computer doesn't really take any physical exertion on my part but sometimes I am just so downright mentally drained that it taps out every bit of physical energy I have and so my blogity updates which probably all of three people read go unposted. I really want to do better about keeping everyone up-to-date on what's going on in our lives but it's a hard thing for me to do. There are a few moms out there whose blogs I follow and I just can't seem to post as often as they do. Two of them post every single day. One is an author that has thousands of followers so she really has to post everyday otherwise her fan base would go nuts. The other sometimes posts more than once a day about random everyday things. I want to do that!

Maybe it's because I'm working and away from the house for nine hours a day. When I get home, not only am I tired most nights but the baby occupies every minute of my time until she goes to bed. Most nights she cries and fusses from the time I get home until bed time unless I am constantly holding her. Robert lucks out during the day. Most of the time she is content to either swing or sit in her jumpy or space car and watch tv. By the time I get home she's starved for physical contact and just won't be satisfied until she gets it.

Now don't get me wrong, I am in no way calling Robert a bad daddy because he's not. Skylar has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. I just think that since he doesn't have to be constantly engaging her in a game of googly faces and peek-a-boo that she sometimes misses out on that physical one-on-one contact so by the time I get home at night she just can't take it anymore.

She finally has a pretty set bedtime. Some time between 8-8:30pm she drinks her night-night bottle and is in bed between 9 and 10:00pm. It really depends on how long she napped during the day and how late she took that said nap. She sleeps good all night usually for ten to twelve hours and has a two hour nap during the day. The whole "sleep" thing has been an issue with that girl since she was a month old. One day Robert put her in her bouncy seat and turned on the vibration doohickie and from that moment on she would sleep no other way. We would have to put her in the bouncy and stick the whole thing (baby and all) in the crib and that's how she would sleep every night. Just before she turned four months old she sort of started to outgrow the bouncy and fidgeted quite a bit at night because it wasn't comfortable anymore. I tried laying her in the crib to sleep and she wasn't having that at all! She cried and screamed and screamed and cried.....so I put her back in the bouncy for the night. I thought that maybe she cried because laying flat gave her reflux and made her spit up so I went and bought her a crib wedge that elevates her head. I excitedly positioned it at the head of her crib under the sheet and mattress pad and that night laid her in the crib...waiting...holding my breath for her to fall asleep. I don't know what kind of magical moment I was expecting but it certainly did not turn out like I thought it would. She freaked out and lost her mind. She cried like someone hurt her. Thank goodness I got the idea to put her Boppy pillow in the crib and lay her in it. While she looked comfortable she soon started crying and stayed in full-on fussy mode until I turned on the bouncy and stuck it in the crib with her. She sighed...took a deep breath and she was out. So there began our month long journey of doing that. I finally weaned her off the vibration and put the bouncy in the closet but she still slept in the Boppy for another month. I was hoping that one day she would wean herself from it and praise the Lord she finally did. She got to the point where she wanted to try and roll over and the Boppy was just restricting her movement and she began to fuss when going to bed. After taking naps flat on her back in our bed last weekend she finally goes to sleep in her crib every night. No bouncy, no boppy.....just her and her new mattress we bought at Wal Mart. I'm sure that makes it a little better now that she's not sleeping in a hole. When she wakes up in the morning she is completely sideways. I'm hoping she'll start rolling over soon. I think all those months not sleeping in the crib like most babies actually stunted her developement because she should be rolling over by now. (Well, most babies do but not all) I think that because she hasn't rolled over and strengthened her back and side muscles that that is the reason why she's not anywhere near sitting up by herself. Then again I know I shouldn't worry too much since she was born a month early. Maybe that has added to the delay of her physical developement.

Wow....look how I rambled about Skylar's sleeping! Well, she's sleeping right now as a matter of fact. Yay for Mommy!

Last weekend we went to a baby shower two and a half hours away and then drove to Robert's mom & dad's for the night. The next morning Mom and Dad and I took Skylar to the local Wal Mart (in North Carolina) and I bought one of those pink plastic Little Tyke swings for the baby to hang out on the porch. PS....she loves it!! Check out her blog for a picture. I think we're going to go back up to Blairsville on Sunday for the day. I need to take some more stuff up there for Mom to take to Regina (Robert's sister). She is expecting a baby girl in less than a month and I thought I would pass down some of Skylar's things. Supposedly Regina has decided to make the move to Georgia in 2010 and transfer to a hospital in the Metro Atlanta area. I am super excited about that because I want Skylar and Sarah (princess-on-the-way) to grow up together and be total BFF's. They will only be seven months apart so they'll make good playmates and be close like I was with my cousins Susie and Karen. It seems like such a long time to wait. =(

Well, I better wrap this up and keep working on her "Happy Spring" cards that I am sending out with wallet-size photos of Skylar. A few of my dear friends/family will get an 8x10 so if I send you one (or two) I expect you to put them in frames.

I'll try to post again soon and not wait as long as I did to give everyone an update.

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