Thursday, December 25, 2008

Skylar's first Christmas

Skylar and Momma baked cookies for Santa Claus last night and left them on the book shelf right next to the Christmas tree before she went to bed. When we got up this morning there were some cookies missing and we found two under the tree. Now my guess is that when Santa was bending down to put Skylar's presents under the tree that he brushed his big fat butt against the plate of cookies not realizing that he was knocking some off onto the floor.

Skylar had a wonderful first Christmas today. After Momma and Daddy got her up and fed we put on this beautiful Christmas dress that Aunt Jeannie sent all the way from Florida. She looked absolutely adorable posing here with her daddy. Since she hates wearing hats we took it off after this picture and opted for a headband instead.

Since we had no breakfast fixings in the house we decided to go on a hunt and see if there were any restaurants open today. We thought maybe IHOP would be open but when we got there the parking lot was empty so we went and had an early lunch at Star Diner. The food is always delicious but a little overpriced.

This is the pretty tree that Skylar awoke to this morning. Yes, we know our tree is leaning a bit. The biggest present under the tree was for daddy.

Here is Skylar and Momma with one of her toys that Santa brought. It's a tumbling ducky thing that she will have to roll and chase across the floor.

Jordan made himself comfortable in Skylar's boppy pillow while I was holding her and opening presents.

We chased Jordan out of her boppy and stuck her under the Christmas tree so she could smile at, talk to and flirt with the lights and ornaments.

Our little angel peanut was a VERY good girl this year so she made out like a bandit in the toy area. She also got some clothes from Gymboree from our friends Kayo & Kenny in California, an outfit from her Nani Wanda in Tennessee, a princess devotional Bible from her Great Grams, socks from her Nina, a teddy bear from Harumi & Chris in Japan, a "going to grandma's house" bag, 2008 coins and a couple of ornaments from Grammy and Peepaw, diapers and baby wash & lotion from our neighbors, the Gilmores, a play gym from our neighbor, Steven and a $20 gift card from her Aunt Alacia and Uncle James.

This was by far Skylar's best present ever. Santa brought her a Fisher-Price Galloping Fun Jumperoo that gallops and plays music as she moves. She did a lot of smiling while she was in it. It will be even better when her legs get a little bit longer and she can really push herself up and down.

She got so tired out from all the present opening that she fell asleep in her swing.

After Skylar woke up from her nap we took this picture in front of our tree and walked over to Kay and Jim's house to visit with them, Tina and the boys.

When we got there we were surprised to see that Tucker had completely taken over Jim's chair. He was so relaxed. The chair actually spins and I periodically spun him around in the chair and he loved it.

Joey's favorite gift this year besides his Nintendo DS games is all the Bakugan stuff he got. I think Tina said he had the arena at home. Boys toys are crazy.

Tina was laying on the floor with Skylar and Tucker got insanely jealous and laid down behind her and nuzzled his face up near hers saying, "hey...look at me!"

Joshie was being a real sweetheart and shared his new big green blanket with Skylar. It was SO soft!

After we got back from the Gilmores we all got into our PJs and Robert played my new Wii game for a while. We couldn't have asked for a better first Christmas with our little one.

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