Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Skylar's first Christmas at Great Gram's house

This afternoon we went up to Dahlonega to spend Christmas Eve with my family. Robert's parents are down in Florida spending the holiday with his brother and sister and their families. We had such a nice time. There was no set time to members just showed up whenever. There was tons of finger-foods, appetizers and yummy desserts to nibble on. We exchanged presents and hung out for awhile chit-chatting. Skylar was a perfect angel today...totally loving being passed around and loved on by everyone. She got to spend quite a bit of time with her Grandma Bobbie which was extremely important as her Grandma hasn't been well. Skylar also got to spend time with her Nina. That is our name for Amanda. We wanted to stay longer but we had three puppies at home that needed to be let outside to pee. When we finally got home we realized that Sweetie Pie had been locked up in Skylar's room all food, water or litter box. You would think she would learn her lesson and not go in there for a while but sure enough she's in there now. After we came home we made cookies for Santa and read "The Gift of the Magi" and Skylar went off to bed. She's got a very BIG DAY tomorrow!
Skylar & Momma looking pretty with Aunt Karen.
Skylar and her Nina...their first Christmas together.
Cousin Chelsea feeding Skylar as little Ezra looks on.
Randy, Kayla and Teddy.
Look! Great Grams has reindeer on her feet!
Skylar, Elijah, Vondre & Ezra posing for a picture. Momma's little Christmas bunny was pitching a fit.
Skylar asleep in her Grandma's arms. They spent a lot of quality time together.
Ally and Josh. Oh gosh....I hope that's his name. I forget. Nice guy though!
Toni, Elijah and Chelsea getting ready to open presents.
Skylar & her favorite Aunt Karen.
Great Grams and Skylar Belle.
You see this butterfly right here? I got's this in honor of my Mimi!
Momma and her greatest Christmas gift EVER!
A few quiet moments with Grandma...

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