Saturday, December 6, 2008

Founders Day Parade

This morning Robert and I took Skylar to see her first parade. We bundled her up, put her in the stroller and walked out to the front of the subdivision and set up a couple of chairs and got out a blanket and prepared to watch the Johns Creek 2nd Annual Founders Day Parade. Our neighbor Marissa from down in the culdesac set up her chair next to ours and a little while later Tina came out with Joey, Josh, Jack and Moriah and hung out with us. It was freezing out there at a very nice 30 degrees! Here are some pictures of us at the parade.

Santa Clause took time out of his busy schedule to appear.

The guys from Medieval Times came out and rode in the parade.

Daddy and his bundled bunny.

Josh and Moriah waiting for the parade to start.

Momma and her peanut baby. Oh look! It's the Oscar Meyer Weiner car!

The Mayor of Johns Creek. The dude driving...not the horse.

Moriah, Josh, Jack & Joey. Watching the parade and waiting for them to start throwing candy.

Me and my Herbie.

Robert and our neighbor, Tina.

Skylar's daddy - waiting to see Santa in the parade.

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