Sunday, November 8, 2009

Smore's party at church!

I'm up early this beautiful Sunday morning so I thought I would take a few minutes and blog about what we did yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon Tina came and picked up Skylar and me and we headed to Wal Mart to pick up some digital pictures we had printed since we both wanted to do a couple of scrapbook pages. I want to start scrapbooking again and I have my next pages all laid out in my head. My first project when I start up again will be of Skylar's fall pictures that we took a couple of weekends ago. Tina wants to put together a scrapbook for Jack, April's little boy who went to Oklahoma to live with his Mammaw after April died.

Anyhoo.....enough of that or I'll start getting all sad again. After Wal Mart we went over to the church for a S'mores Creation Celebration that was being put together by Josh's Sunday school class. There was a huge turnout. First we went into a big room that was like an auditorium where a lot of the childrens church singing and dancing goes on. Josh got up in front of everyone with his class and performed a song. He did great! It was so cute. Tina, Joey, and Skylar and I sat back and watched Joshy shine! Through the singing and hand-clapping Skylar jumped up and down (in her own little baby way) and clapped her hands. She loves being a part of activities with other kids. I know she just loves getting out of the house since she's stuck here with Daddy all day. After the singing we went on a hay ride! It was a trailer full of hay being pulled by one of the guys from church in his big shiney red truck. Let it be known that my daughter does NOT like the feel of hay. We tried to get her to touch it and she screamed and just downright was NOT having it so she sat on Tina's lap for the hay ride.

After the hay ride we dressed a scarecrow. Yes....I said we dressed a "scarecrow". It was actually a life-size stick figure made out of PVC pipe, hay and burlap. All the families lined up in front of a laundry basket that had a variety of different articles of clothing in them. Next each family selected a card that told them what their scarecrow was supposed to be dressed up as. Josh pulled the card and guess what we got? GI JOE!!!! When they said, "Go"...we had to scramble around to ALL of the baskets and find all the army stuff and race back to our designated stick figure so we could put "Joe" together. My intentions were to just film the madness with my camera but Tina insisted that I help so while my baby sat in the grass watching all the craziness her Momma helped get GI Joe dressed. Robert met us at the church after he got off work and we toasted marshmallows and made s'mores and had hot apple cider before leaving. It ended up being a whole lot of fun and everyone had a good time.

Later in the evening Tina came over with a huge box of scrapbooking stuff that had been April's. It is now mine and so I think it's time that I get my creative juices going again and start putting some of our memories together in a book. Now if only I could find some time....

Joshua was up there singing with his class. It was awesome!

Miss Tina and Skylar were clapping and singing to the music.

Waiting for our turn for the hay ride.

Seriously, can you see how much she hates the hay?

Crazy silly kids! =O)

Miss Tina and Josh.

Josh was in charge of drawing a face on our GI Joe guy.

Posing for a picture with Joe. I was so disappointed that this came out blurry =O(

Josh was toasting a marshmallow for a s'more.

My Pootie with s'mores on her face.

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PinkVictoria18 said...

lol @ her screaming with the hay. That is too funny. Looks like yall had a great time. Wish I was there.. =)