Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun at the park

Wow. Yesterday was another awesome day at church. The "UnCommon Marriage" series that Pastor Steven is teaching is hitting really close to home and I've gotten something out of each message so far. It's great! Skylar cried again when I dropped her off at Baby Church. She just started doing this last Sunday. Up until now she would go to strangers and wouldn't cry when Robert or I left her. Her teachers said that she only cries for a few minutes and then she's content to play and eat Cheerios. After service when I go and pick her up she doesn't want to leave. Crazy kid.

After church we went over to Wal Mart and had lunch with Daddy and did a little shopping. After that we came home and took care of our groceries and then went to Webb Bridge Park with Tina, Joey and Josh. Skylar had a blast swinging on the swings and watching all the other kids play. It was a beautiful day outside.

Watching the other kids at the park running and playing.

What a peaceful moment.

She laughs when you push her in the swing. She is going to be a dare-devil, I can tell. She LOVES to swing high.

Pondering....lost in the moment.

Joey and Josh Gilmore

On the teeter-totter with Joey, Josh & Miss Tina. Fun times!

Come on Miss Tina! Make this thing MOVE!

Big girl sitting all by herself.

Joey and Josh were flying their paper airplanes.

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