Monday, September 28, 2009

Pictures from Skylar's birthday

Two days before Skylar's first birthday we had a party for her at Dave & Buster's so that not only the little kids could have fun but the "big kids" too. Grammy and Grandpa came down from Blairsville the night before so they could be here for her party on Saturday. Everyone who was invited showed up. We had a great time eating yummy food and playing games on the midway. Skylar made a mess with her cake but I guess that was to be expected. After the party Tara and Roger came home with Momma and Skylar to help us open the presents. She got a Radio Flyer wagon with big fat all-terrain tires from Grammy and Grandpa, a pretty singing purse from Miss Tina, Miss April and all the kids, jammies and a toy from Tara & Roger, a singing shape spinner (another noisy toy) from Kim, Cory & the girls and some Fisher Price Little People from Ed and Stacy who live next door. She loves all her toys....including the four toys we gave her the week "before" her birthday. I just couldn't wait to give them to her cuz I loves my big girl!

Here are some pictures from her party.

Jada just LOVED Skylar....she wanted to hold her and touch her and eventually ended up riding around in the stroller with her!

Kim, trying to hit the jackpot for the second time.

Tina helping Moriah spin the big wheel.

Moriah, Skylar and Joshie.

Momma, Auntie Kim, Jada & AhNeelah.

Look at Momma's pretty girl eating french fries with the BIG kids!

Skylar's cake. It was Winnie the Pooh....I guess you can see that huh?

Micah, Joey, Jack, Jada, Josh & Moriah.

She reached over and dug her hand in the cake.

She played with the frosting and then smeared it all over the table and high chair. She never did stick it in her mouth to taste it. How weird.

What's that up there? And is Mo laughing or crying?

Jack & friends forever.

Josh, all wet from the spilled drink, Moriah still smiling and the birthday girl reaching for a balloon.

Micah was playing with the power cards.

Moriah told Skylar that she was "this many"

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PinkVictoria18 said...

i love all the birthday pix. even though i seen em already. =)