Friday, September 11, 2009

Can hardly believe it's been a year

I am going to try and pound out a quick entry before my lunch break is over. I am here in the lunch room at work. I usually leave the building on my break and go park down the street and take a nap in my car but today Robert needed the car to take Skylar to her 12-month check-up. I dont remember the statistics he read off to me but he did say she's in the 90th percentile for her weight which means she's not the little cow that I thought she was. The doctor said she looks good and that we can go ahead and start her on whole milk.

On Saturday, the 5th of September we had her birthday party at Dave & Buster's. We got her a bunch of balloons and a cake from Publix (I was not a big fan). There were seven adults and seven children at her party so I would say it was a pretty good turnout. She sat at the big kids table and ate french fries. She loves being around other children. After we had lunch we went to the midway to play games. All the kids had fun and got goody bags at the end of the party before they left.

On Sunday Skylar cut her first two teeth on the bottom. No wonder she has been acting like a crabby patty lately. She started crawling two weeks before her birthday. I thought she would never do that but she surprised me. Monday was her birthday and also Labor Day so after we went to IHOP for breakfast and then took her to get her portraits done at Sears we drove up to my Aunt Sharon's house for a cookout. It was nice to see some of my family. I got to see my cousin Alaina who I haven't seen in two years and she looks really good. I think she wants to have a baby girl from hanging out with Skylar. Well, who wouldn't want a cute baby like Pootie?

I think when Robert picks me up today we'll go have a little D&B before we go home because once we're there we've got a ton of house cleaning to do. Fall is coming quickly and it's time to pull the furniture away from the walls and start cleaning all that hair bunnies out of the corners.

Better go for now. I'll post pics from last weekend later.

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Barb said...

I've never been to a D&B although I've seen them from the highway. I'll have to check it our for my daughter's party! Thanks.